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Téléchargez la partition de Away, Rio, chant de marin avec accords de guitare.

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1. The anchor is weigh'd and the sails they are set,
Away, Rio!
The maids we are leaving we'll never forget,

And we're bound for the Rio Grande,
And away, Rio, away, Rio,
We're bound away on this very day,
Yes, we're bound for the Rio Grande !

2. So it's pack up your donkey and get under way,
The girls we are leaving can take our half pay.

3. We've a jolly good ship and a jolly good crew,
A jolly good mate and a good skipper, too.

4. We'll sing as we heave to the maidens we leave,
And you who are listening, goodbye to you.

5. Heave with a will and heave long and strong,
Sing the good chorus, for 'tis a good song.

6. The chain's up and down, now the bosun did say,
Heave up to the hawsepipe, the anchor's aweigh.