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La partition « Banks of the Sacramento »

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Téléchargez la partition de Banks of the Sacramento, chanson traditionnelle américaine.

Banks of the Sacramento Partition gratuite

Partition Chant et piano


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1. As I was rollin' down the strand
Hoodah, hoodah,
I met two fairies hand in hand
Hoodah, hoodah, day!

Blow, boysys blow!
To Californio
There's plenty of gold, so I've been told
on the banks of the Sacramento.

2. I chose the one with the curly locks,
She let me chase her o'er the rocks.

3. I chased her high, I chased her low
I fell down and broke me toe.

4. Off to the doctor I did go
And I showed him my big toe.

5. In came the doctor with a bloomin' big lance
"Now, young sailor, I'll make you dance!"

6. In came the nurse with a mustard poultice
Banged it on, but I took no notice.

7. Now I'm well and free from pain
I'll never court flash gals again.


Sur les rives du fleuve Sacramento...