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Midnight special

Téléchargez la partition de Midnight special, chanson traditionnelle américaine avec accords de guitare.
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1. Well, you wake up in the morning,
Hear the ding-dong ring,
You go a-marching to the table,
See the same damn thing.
Well, it's on a one table,
Knife, a fork and a pan
And if you say anything about it,
You're in trouble with the man.

Let the midnight special
Shine her light on me.
Let the midnight special
Shine her ever loving light on me.

2. Yonder come little Rosie,
How in the world do you know,
I can tell her by her apron,
And the dress she wore.
Umbrella on her shoulder,
Piece of paper in her hand,
She goes a-marching to the captain,
Says I want my man.

3. Now old Huddie Ledbetter,
He was a mighty fine man,
Huddie taught this song
To the whole wide land.
But now he's done with all his grieving,
Whooping, hollering and a-crying,
He's done with all his studying,
About his great long time.