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1. Stagolee was a bad man,
Ev'ry body knows.
Spent one hundred dollars
Just to buy him a suit of clothes.
He was a bad man,
That mean old Stagolee.

2. Stagolee shot Billy de Lyons
What do you think about that,
Shot him down in cold blood
Because he stole his Stetson hat.
He was a bad man
That mean old Stagolee.

3. Billy de Lyons said, Stagolee
Please don't take my life,
I've got tow little babes
And a darling, loving wife.
You are a bad man
You mean old Stagolee.

4. What do I care about your two little babes,
Your darling loving wife,
You done stole my Stetson hat
I'm bound to take your life.
He was a bad man
That mean old Stagolee.

5. The judge said, Stagolee
What you doing in here,
You done shot Mr. Billy de Lyons
You going to die in the electric chair.
He was a bad man
That mean old Stagolee.

6. Twelve o'clock they killed him
Head reached up high,
Last thing that boy saud
My six-shooter never lied.
Has was a bad man
That mean old Stagolee.