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Thomas Hastings


O wild is thy joy

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1. O wild is thy joy,
My affectionate boy,
What visions of fancy come o'ver thee ?
Thy spirit so proud,
And thy laughter so loud
What transports are glit'ring before thee ?

2. Dost think of a day
Thou amyst ramble and play,
O'er the meadows, the forests, and mountains ?
Or in the sweet vale,
'Mong the lilies so pale,
Bu the side of the rills and the fountains ?

3. Some glim'rings of thought
Perchance thou hast caught,
While thy spirit within three rejoices,
Some simple delight
Some object if sight
Or sound in the mingling of voices.

4. O, brief is thy mirth,
For the visions of earth,
Like the shadows of noonday, are flying :
But joys that are pure,
Shall forever endure,
Though earth and its transport are dying.