La partition « The shadow »

Thomas Hastings


Une chanson éducative sur la formation et la raison d'être des ombres ou peut-être une chanson qui incite les adultes à parler à leurs enfants.

The shadow

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(Child) 1. Mamma, I see something se dark on the wall,
It moves up and down and it seems very strange.
Sometimes it is large and sometimes it is small,
Pray tell me what is it and why does it change ?

(Mamma) 2. It is Mamma's shadow that puzzles you so,
And there is your own, close beside it, my love.
Now run round the room, it will go where you go,
When you sit, 'i will be still, when you rise, it will move.

3. There wonderul shadows are caused by the light
From fire and from candles upon that falls.
Were we not sitting here, all that place would be bright,
But the light can't shine through us, you know, on the walls.

4. Now hold up your mouth and give a sweet kiss,
The shadows kiss, too, don't you see it, quite plain ?
(Child) O yes ! and I thank you for tellong me this.
I'll not be afraid of a shadow again.