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1. At Oranmore in the county Galway,
One pleasant evening in the month of May,
I spied a damsel, she was young and handsome,
Her beauty fair ly took my breath away.

She wore no jewels, nor costly diamonds,
No paint or pow der, no, none at all,
She wore a bonnet with a ribbon on it
And 'round her shoul der was a Galway shawl.

2. As we kept on walking, she kept on talking,
'till her father's cottage came into view.
Says she: "Come in, sir, and meet my father,
And for to please him play 'The Foggy Dew'."

3. I played 'The Blackbird' and 'The Stack of Barley',
' Rodney's Glory' and 'The Foggy Dew'.
She sang each note like an Irish linnet,
And the tears flowed in her eyes of blue.

4. 'Twas early, early , early in the morning,
When I hit the road for old Donegal.
She said, "'Goodbye, sir", she cried and kissed me,
And my heart remained with that Galway shawl.


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