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1. "O, where are ye gaun to, my wee lad ?",
Quo' the false knight on the road.
"I'm gaun to the schule", said the Bonnie,
Bonnie boy, and still, still he stood.

2. "And what is't ye have upon your back?"
"Atweel, it's my books," said the bonnie,

3. "And what is that ye've in your arm?"
"Atweel, it's my peat," said the bonnie,

4. "Wha owns the sheep upon the hill?"
"They're mine and my mither's," said the bonnie,

5. "How many of them are mine, my lad?"
"A' those wi' blue tails," said the bonnie,

6. "I wish that ye were on yonder tree,"
"Wi' a ladder under me," said the bonnie,

7. "And the ladder to break below ye,"
"And you to fa' down," said the bonnie,

8. "I wish ye were now in yonder sea,"
"Wi' a guid ship under me," said the bonnie,

9. "And the ship for to break and sink wi' ye,"
"And ye to be drowned!", said the bonnie,