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Beaver Dam Road Partition gratuite


1. I've worked like a dog and what have I got ?
No corn in the crib, no beans in the pot

It's hard times on the Beaver Dam Road
It's hard times, poor boy.

2. Since I didn't have no hog for to kill,
I set me up a purty little still.

3. Yonder come Ray Wilson in a Chevroiet car,
Alooking for the man with the old fruit jar.

4. He watched my house all the livelong night,
He catched me just about daylight.

5. He said, "Old boy, you're in to it now,
If you ever get out it will cost you a cow"

6. He took me by the arm, and he led me to the car,
I bid farewell to the old fruit jar.

7. He took me to Boone and put me in jail,
Had nobody for to go my bail.

8. I told that judge that my corn wasn't hoed,
Still he gave me ninety days on the Beaver Dam Road.

9. Well, my wife sent a letter, said she's faring mighty good
Got a man ahoeing 'taters and achopping all the wood

10. It's a low down man riding 'round in a car,
Picking on a man with the old fruit lar.

11. All my friends, l'm awarning wherever you are,
Don't keep your liquor in an old fruit jar.


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