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Téléchargez la partition de Little Mohee, chanson traditionnelle américaine avec accords de guitare.

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Little Mohee Partition gratuite

Partition Chant et piano



1. As I was a-walkin' upon a fine day
I got awful lonesome as the day passed away
I sat down a-musing, alone on the grass
When who should sit by me but a sweet Indian lass.

2. She sat down beside me and took hold of my hand
Said, "You sure be a stranger, and in a strange land."
She asked me to marry and gave me her hand,
Said, "My pappy's a chieftain all over this land."

3. "My pappy's a chieftain, and ruler be he
I'm his only daughter and my name is Mohee"
I answered and told her that it never could be
'Cause I had my own sweetheart in my own country.


Comme je marchais un beau jour
Je me suis terriblement senti seul à la fin du jour
Je me suis assis à rêver, seul sur l'herbe
Et qui est arrivé pour s'asseoir à côté de moi ?
Une douce jeune fille indienne.