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Shakespeare utilise cette chanson dans Romeo et Juliette, Acte III, scène 5. Il s'agit d'une chanson pour se réveiller.

The hunt is up

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The hunt is up Partition gratuite


1. The hunt is up, the hunt is up,
And it is well nigh day;
And Harry our king is gone hunting,
To bring his deer to bay.

2. The east is bright with morning light,
And darkness it is fled;
And the merry horn wakes up the morn
To leave his idle bed.

3. Behold the skies with golden dyes
Are glowing all around;
The grass is green, and so are the treen,
All laughing with the sound.

4. The horses snort to be at the sport,
The dogs are running free;
The woods rejoice at the merry noise
Of hey taranta tee ree.

5. The sun is glad to see us clad
All in our lusty green,
And smiles in the sky as he riseth high
To see and to be seen.