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Lynchburg Town

Téléchargez la partition de Lynchburg Town, chanson traditionnelle américaine.
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Lynchburg Town Partition gratuite


I'm going down to town, I'm going down to town,
I'm going down to the Lynchburg town
To take my tobacco down.

1. Times a-getting hard, Money getting scarce,
Pay me for them tobacco, boys, and I will leave this place.

2. Master had an old gray horse, Took him down to town,
Sold him for a half a dollar And only a quarter down.

3. Old Eli was a rich old man, he was richer than a king.
He made me beat the old tin pan while Sary Jane would sing.

4. Old Eli brought a little girl, he fetched her from the South.
Her hair was wrapped so very tight that she couldn't shut her mouth.

5. Once I had an old black hen, she laid behind the door.
Every day she laid three eggs, and Sunday she laid more.

6. Oh I went down to town and went into the store,
And every pretty girl in town came running to the door.