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Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel, d'liver Daniel, d'liver Daniel.
Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel and why not (a) every man?

1. He delivered Daniel from the lions' den,
Jonah from the belly of the whale,
And the Hebrew children from the fiery furnace,
And why not every man?

2. The moon run down in a purple stream.
The sun forbear to shine,
And ev'ry star disappear,
King Jesus shall be mine.

3. The wind blows East, and the wind blows West,
It blows loke the judgment day,
And ev'ry poor soul that never did pray
will be glad to pray, that day.

4. I set my foot on the Gospel ship,
And the ship it began to sail.
It landed me over on Canaan's shore,
And I'll never come back any more.


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