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Bird in a cage

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As I went out one May morning
To hear the birds sing sweet
I leaned my back to a garden wall
And watched two lovers meet

You courted me was what she said
You got me to comply
You courted me with a merry mood
All night with you to lie

And when your heart was mine false love
And your head lay on my breast
You could make me believe by the fall of your arm
That the sun rose in the west

I wish your breast was made of glass
That all in it might behold
I'd write our secret on your heart
In letters made of gold

My parents they have brought me up
Like a small bird in a cage
And now I am in child by you
Not fifteen years of age

There's many a girl can go about
And hear the birds so sweet
While I poor girl must stop at home
And rock the cradle and weep

Rock the cradle o'er and o'er
And sing sweet lullaby
Was ever there a poor young girl
So crossed in love as I

There's many a star shall fade in the west
There's many a leaf shall blow
There's many a curse shall light on a man
For treating a poor girl so

Go down in your father's garden love
Sit down and cry your fill
And when you think on what you done
You'll blame your own good will