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Buy a broom

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1. From Deutschland I come with my light wares all laden,
To dear happy England in summer's gay bloom;
Then listen, fair lady and young pretty maiden,
Come buy of the wand'ring Bavarian a broom.
Buy a broom! Buy a broom!
Oh, the buy of wand'ring Bavarian a broom.

2. There's one for the pretty lady, and one for little baby,
And one for the parlour, and one for the hall;
Here are brooms for the cottage and brooms for the mansion,
And here you will find one for each and for all.
Buy a broom! Buy a broom!
Come, buy ye, pretty lady, come buy ye a broom.

3. When winter draws nigh, for my own land departing,
My toil for your favour again I'll resume;
And while gratitude's tear in my eyelid is starting,
Bless the time that in England I cried, Bye a broom!
Buy a broom! Buy a broom!
Come, buy of the wandering Bavarian a broom!