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Téléchargez la partition de Batson, chanson traditionnelle américaine avec accords de guitare.
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Batson Partition gratuite


Batson been working for Mr. Earle
Six long years today,
And ever since he been working for Mr. Earle
He never have got a pay.

Cryin', "Oh Mamma,
I didn't done the crime."

Batson asked Mr. Earle
Can he take a walk
Mr. Earle answered Batson
"You can go and come right back."

Batson hitched up Mr. Earle's
Two bay horse and a wagon,
Took it back uptown
To get him a load of feed.

When he got back to the house,
Onhitched those two bay mares,
And he walked on back uptown,
See something he really liked.

He was walking down Ryan Street
Looking down in the showcase,
He thought he had something,
Something what he really need.

'Bout the time he was looking in the showcase
Here come Mr. Henry Reese,
Mr. Sheriff, police come a-walking,
Throwed two forty-fives in his face.

Mr. Henry Keese's deputy come a-runnin',
Slapped him across the face,
Says, "Stick 'em up, Batson,
For we constitute you under arrest."

Batson asked Mr. Henry Reese,
"What you arresting me for!"
Says "That's all right, Batson,
You know all about it yourself."

30 more verses on the sheet music