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Farewell, dear love

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In Shakespeare's Twelth Night, Act II Scene 3 after Sir Toby has quoted from several of the songs given here, Malvolio enters to put an end to the revel. His last word "Farewell" starts Sir Toby on another song which turns out to be Robert Jones' "Farewell dear love". The version in the play is a little garbled but Naylor show how it can be matched to the tune. The song is given here from Robert Jones' First Book of Songs and Ayres (1600).

1. Farewell, dear love, since thou wilt needs be gone,
Mine eyes do show my life is almost gone.
Nay I will never die si long as I can spy.
There be many mo' tho' that she do go
There be many mo' I fear not,
Why then let her go, I care not.

2. Farewell, farewell, since this I find is true,
I will not spend more time in wooing you.
But I will seek elsewhere, if I may find love there.
Shall I bid her go ? What and if I do ?
Shall I bed her go and spare not ?
Oh non, non, non I dare not !

3. Ten thousand time's farewell. - Yet stay awhile :
Sweet, kiss me once. Sweet kisses time beguile.
I have no pow'r to move. How now am I in love ?
Wilt thou needs begone : go then, all is one.
Wilt thou needs begone : Oh hie thee !
Nay stay, and do no more deny me.

4. Once more adieu, I see loath to depart
Bids oft adieu to her, that holds my heart.
But seeing I must lose thy love, which I did choose,
Go thy way for me, since that may not be.
Go thy way for me. Wut whither ?
Go, of but where I may come thither.

5. What shall I do ? My love is departed.
She is as fair, as she is cruel-hearted.
She woulf not be entreated, with prayers oft repeated.
If she come no more, shall I die therefore ?
If she come no more, what care I ?
Faith let her go, or come, or tarry !


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