La partition « Sunrise »

Harvey Worthington Loomis



Téléchargez la partition de Sunrise de Harvey Worthington Loomis et Arthur Edward Johnstone avec accords de guitare.
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Sunrise Partition gratuite


1. Wider and still more wide
The gates of the morning swing ;
Clearer and e'er more clear
The notes of the forest birds ring ;
The earth, the sea, the clouds, the sky,
Have chosen the sun for their king.

2. Marshalled from east and west,
The hosts of the dawn sweep by,
Garbed in the light of day
A pageant advancing on high
In dazzling white, they the blue,
To welcome the lord of the sky.

3. O'er the horizon's rim,
Beyond the eagle's flight,
Lances of gold appear,
To vanquish the sinister night.
The day is born ! The sun is here !
He floods all the world with his light.