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Haul away for Rosie

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1. Oh, when I was a little boy
My mother often told me;
Away, haul away, we'll haul away for Rosie
Away, haul away, we'll haul away for Rosie, Oh.

That If I didn't kiss the girls
My lips would all get mouldy.
Away, haul away, we'll haul away for Rosie
Away, haul away, we'll haul away for Rosie, Oh

2. I sailed the seas for seven years
Not knowin' what I was missin';
Then I trimmed my sails before the gales
And started in a-kissin'.

3. Well, first I had an Irish gal,
Her name was Kitty Brannigan;
She stole me boots, she stole me clothes
She pinched me plate and pannikin.

4. And then I got a German girl
And she was fat and lazy,
And then I got a New York girl
She damn near drove me crazy.

5. And then I got a Frenchie girl
She took things free and aisy;
But now I have an English girl
An' sure she is a daisy.

6. So harken while I sing to you
About my darlin' Nancy;
She's copper-bottomed, clipper-built
And just my cut and fancy.

7. Well, once in my life I married a wife
And Damn! but she was lazy;
She never worked a day in her life,
Which damn near drove me crazy.

8. She stayed out all night, a Hell of a sight!
And where do you think I found 'er?
Behind the pump, the story goes,
With forty men around 'er.



Utilisateur N°1Pollet le 2017-11-11 à 11h43

Merci pour cette possibilité de télécharger gratuitement paroles et tablature. C'est une aide précieuse.

Utilisateur N°2baronne le 2015-10-11 à 15h44

Je vous remercie pour la partition haul away faisant partie d'un groupe de chants marins comme accordéoniste les partitions sont rares donc bien musicalement merci , baronne.