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Old Chisholm Trail Partition gratuite

La partition The Old Chisholm Trail


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1. Oh come along, boys, and listen to my tale,
I’ll tell you of my troubles on the old Chisholm Trail.

Come a tiyi yippy, yippy, yea, yippy yea,
Come a tiyi yippy, yippy, yea.

2. I started on the trail October twenty-third
With a bunch of long-horned cattle from the U-Seven herd.

3. On a twenty-dollar horse and forty-dollar saddle
I started out a-punching Texas cattle.

4. It’s cloudy in the West and looking like rain,
And, of course, my old slicker’s in the wagon again.

5. It’s bacon and it’s beans most every day.
I’d just as soon be eating prairie hay.

6. With my knees in the saddle and my head in the sky
I’ll quit punching cows in the sweet by and by.