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Maggie May

Téléchargez la partition de Maggie May, chanson traditionnelle de Liverpool.
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1. Now gather round you sailor boys, and listen to my plea
And when you've heard my tale you'll pity me
For I was a real damned fool in the port of Liverpool
The first time that I came home from the sea

2. I was paid off at the Home, from a voyage to Sierra Leone
Two pounds ten and sixpence was my pay
When I drew the tin I grinned, but I very soon got skinned
By a girl by the name of Maggie May

3. Oh, Maggie, Maggie May, they've taken you away
They've sent you to Van Diemen's cruel shore
For you robbed so many a sailor, and skinned so many a whaler
And you'll never shine in Paradise Street no more

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Écoutez bien, vous avez déjà entendu cette musique d'introduction quelque part. Tous. Oui ! Dans le film Titanic lorsque c'est la fête en troisième classe et que tout le monde danse. :