La partition « Suo Gân »

Chansons galoises


Cette chanson est utilisée dans le film Empire of the sun.

Suo Gân

Téléchargez la partition de Suo Gân, chanson traditionnelle galloise sur un texte de Robert Bryan avec accords de guitare.
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Suo Gân Partition gratuite


1. Sleep my darling, on my bosom,
Harm will never come to you;
Mother’s arms enfold you safely,
Mother’s heart is ever true.
As you sleep there’s naught to scare you,
Naught to wake you from your rest;
Close those eyelids, little angel,
Sleep upon your mother’s breast.

2. Sleep, my darling, night is falling
Rest in slumber sound and deep;
I would know why you are smiling,
Smiling sweetly as you sleep!
Do you see the angels smiling
As they see your rosy rest,
So that you must smile an answer
As you slumber on my breast?