La partition « Skokiaan »

August Msarurgwa



Téléchargez la partition de Skokiaan, chanson sud-africaine de August Msarurgwa et Tom Glazer avec accords de guitare.
Partition gratuite en PDF

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Skokiaan Partition gratuite


Hokey-Skoki, Skoki-oki-aan
Okey-Dokey, anybody can

Far away in Africa
Happy, happy Africa
They sing a-bing-a-bang-a-bingo
They have a ball and really go

Skokiaan, take a trip to Africa
Take any ship to Africa
Come on along and learn the lingo
Beside a jungle bungalow
Skokiaan, Skokiaan, Skokiaan

Hot drums are drumming, the
Hot strings are strumming, and
Warm lips are blissful, they're
Kissful of Skokiaan...


Loin en Afrique,
Heureuse, heureuse Afrique...