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1. Old Joe Digger, Sam, and Dave,
Old Joe Digger, Sam, and Dave,
They went a-hog-huntin' hard as they could stave,
Ground hog !

2. Whistle up yer dog and loaden up yer gun,
Away to the hills to have some fun.

3. Too many rocks and too many logs,
Too many rocks to ketch groun'hogs.

4. They picked up their guns and went to the brash
By damn! Joe, here's the hog sign fraish.

5. One took a tree and it's one took a log,
Damn my soul if it ain't a groun'hog !

6. Git away, Sam, and le' me load my gun,
The groun'hog hunt has jist begun.

7. He's in here, boys, the hole's wore slick;
Run here, Sam, with yer forked stick !