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La partition « Christus, der uns selig macht »

Téléchargez la partition de Christus, der uns selig macht, choral BWV245-1 de la Passion selon Saint-Jean de Johann Sebastian Bach.
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Christus, der uns selig macht Partition gratuite


CHRIST, WHO saves us by His cross,
And no sin committed,
In the dark of night for us
Was with shackles fitted,
Brought before a wicked court
Falsely charged, and smitten,
Spit upon, and mocked in sport,
As in Scripture written.

2. At the morning’s dawning hour,
As a rogue depicted,
Christ was under Pilate’s pow’r
Brought to be convicted:
Though he judged Him innocent
Of the charge of treason,
Yet to Herod was He sent
Urged by murd’rous reason.


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