La partition « Little old sod shanty »

Will Hays


Little old sod shanty

Téléchargez la partition de Little old sod shanty, chant de marin anglais, 1880 de Will Hays et Olivier Edwuin Murray avec accords de guitare.
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Little old sod shanty Partition gratuite


1. I’m lookin’ kinda seedy now while headin’ down my claim;
My vittles are not always of the best,
And the mice play shyly round me as I nestle down to rest
In my little old sod shanty on the plain.

Oh, the hinges are of leather
And the windows have no glass;
The boards let the howling blizzard in.
You can see the hungry coyote
As he sneaks up through the grass
To my little old sod shanty on my claim.

2. I rather like the novelty of living in this way,
Though my bill of fare is never of the best,
But I’m happy as a clam on the land of Uncle Sam
In my little old sod shanty in the West.