La partition « A catch on the midnight cats »

Michael Wise


A catch on the midnight cats

Téléchargez la partition de A catch on the midnight cats, canon anglais de Michael Wise avec accords de guitare (3 voix).

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Le canon A catch on the midnight cats


The cats that at midnight spit love at each other,
Who best feel the pangs of a passionate lover,
I appeal to your scratches and tattered fur
If the business of love be no more than to purr.

Old Lady Grimalkin with Gooseberry eyes,
When a kitten knew something for why she was wise,
You find by experience the love fit's soon o'er,
Puss, puss lasts not long but turns to cat-whore.

Men ride many miles, cats tread many tiles,
Both hazard, both hazard, their necks in the fray.
Only cats, if they fall from a house or a wall,
Keep their feet, mount their tails, mount their tails and away.