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Téléchargez la partition de Booth shot Lincoln, chanson traditionnelle américaine avec accords de guitare.
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Booth shot Lincoln Partition gratuite


1. Wilkes Booth came to Washington,
An actor great was he,
He played at Ford’s Theater,
And Lincoln went to see.

2. It was early in April,
Not many weeks ago,
The people of this fair city
All gathered at the show.

3. And while he sees the play go on,
His thoughts are running deep,
His darling wife, close by his side,
Has fallen fast asleep.

4. J. Willkes Booth moves down the aisle,
He had measured once before,
He passes Lincoln’s bodyguard
A-nodding at the door.

5. He holds a dagger in his right hand,
A pistol in his left.
He shoots poor Lincoln in the temple,
And sends his soul to rest.


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Wilkes Booth est venu à Washington
C'était un excellent acteur,
Il jouait au théâtre Ford,
Et Lincoln est venu le voir...