La partition « Risseldy, Rosseldy »


Risseldy, Rosseldy

Téléchargez la partition de Risseldy, Rosseldy, chant traditionnelle avec accords de guitare.
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Risseldy, Rosseldy Partition gratuite


1. I married my wife in the month of June.
Risseldy rosseldy, mow mow mow.
I carried her off in a silver spoon.

Risseldy, rosseldy, hey bombassity,
Nickety, nackety retrical quality,
willowby, wallowby, mow, mow, mow.

2. She combed her hair but once a year…
With every rake she shed a tear.

3. She swept the floor but once a year…
She swore her broom was much too dear.

4. She churned her butter in Dad’s old boot…
And for a dasher used her foot.

5. The butter came out a grizzly gray…
The cheese took legs and ran away.