La partition « Patsy ory ory aye »


Patsy ory ory aye

Téléchargez la partition de Patsy ory ory aye, chant traditionnel avec accords de guitare.
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Patsy ory ory aye Partition gratuite


1. Eighteen hundred and thirty one,
That's the year when I begun,
That's the year when I begun,
A-workin' on the railroad.

Patsy ory ory aye,
Patsy ory ory aye,
Patsy ory ory aye,
A-workin' on the railroad.

2. Eighteen hundred and thirty-two,
Looking around for something to do,
Looking around for something to do,
A-workin' on the railroad.

3. Eighteen hundred and thirty-three,
Section boss a-driving me…

4. Eighteen hundred and thirty-four,
Hands and feet were getting sore…

5. Eighteen hundred and thirty-five,
Felt like I was more dead than alive…

6. Eighteen hundred and thirty-six,
Kicked a couple of dynamite sticks…

7. Eighteen hundred and thirty-seven,
Found myself on the way to heaven…

8. Eighteen hundred and thirty-eight,
A-picking the lock in the pearly gate…

9. Eighteen hundred and thirty-nine,
I found the angels drinking wine,
They gave me a harp and crown divine,
Overlooking the railroad.

10. Eighteen hundred and thirty-ten,
Found myself on the earth again…

11. Eighteen hundred and thirty-eleven,
Railroad sent me again to heaven.
It wasn't no different than thirty-seven,
Or workin' on the railroad.