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Tiré de Much Ado About Nothing, Beaucoup de bruit pour rien.

The sick tune

Téléchargez la partition de The sick tune, chanson traditionnelle de la Renaissance anglaise avec accords de guitare.
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1. It befell at Martin mass
When weather waxed cold-e
Captain Care said to his men :
We must go take a hold-e.

Sick, sick and too, too sick
And sick and like to die
The sickest night that ever I abode
God Lord have mercy on me !

2. Hail master, and wither you will,
And wither ye like it best ;
Ti the castle of Crecynbroghe,
And there we'll take our rest.

3. I know where is gay castle,
Is built of lime and stone ;
Within is a gay lady,
Her lord is rid from home.

4. Ther were no sooner a supper set,
Then after said the grace,
Or Captain Care and all his men
Were light about the place.
5. Give over thy house, thou lady gay,
And I will make thee a bond,
Tonight thou shall lie within my arms,
Tomorrow be the heir of my land.

6. I will not give over my house, she saith,
Neither for lord nor lown,
Nor yet for traitor Captain Care,
The lord of Easter-town.

7. Fetch me my pistolet, she said,
And charge ye well my gun,
That I may shoot yonder bloody butcher
The lord of Eastern-town !

8. Stiffly upon her wall she stood
And let the pellets flee ;
But the she missed the bloody butcher
And yet slew other tree.