La partition « Ring Merrily »

J.W. Treadwell


Ring Merrily

Téléchargez la partition de Ring Merrily, chant de Noël en anglais pour 4 voix de J.W. Treadwell.
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1. Ring Merrily! Ring Merrily!
O happy Christmas Bells;
And let us hear again the tales
Your music ever tells
Your music ever tells: -
How Christian men in other days
Made feast within their halls,
Hung mistletoe and holly wreaths
Around their old oak walls;
How rich and poor knelt side by side,
At call of Christmas chimes;
And how the bonds of Christian love
Bound up the "good old times."

2. Ring tenderly! Ring tenderly!
O holy Christmas bells:
For ever with your earthly peal
A heavenly chorus swells'
The angels, who were first to bring
The welcome news to men,
Still join with us to celebrate
The Saviour's birth again;
And some whom we have loved and lost
Sing carols with us now,
With all the old love in their hearts,
And new light on their brow.

3. Ring joyously! Ring joyously!
O blessed Christmas bells;
And show us of the future good
Your welcome chime foretells,
We know 't will be a mingled lot
Of pleasure and strife;
That thorns will cluster round the flowers,
Along our path of life;
But ye shall sing of us of hope;
Of help, of love untold;
Reminding us of that bright star
That tips our clouds with gold.

4. Ring merrily! Ring merrily!
O dear old Christmas bells,
And bring all holy blessings, down
From where all mercy dwells.
Ring out your gentle messages,
As ye have done of old,
To help the weary and the sad,
The weaklings of the fold;
And tell again the cheering tale
Of Him who bore our woe;
And gave His own heart's life and love,
For breaking hearts below.