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Now you've all heard foolish questions and no doubt you've wondered why
Some person will ask a foolish question and expect a sensible reply
Like when you take your girl some candy, say maybe just after tea
You notice how she'll grab it and then she'll say, "Is this for me?"

Foolish questions, you can answer when you can
"No, I bought this candy for your Ma or Pa, or for John, the hired hand
I just thought you'd like to see it, now I'm gonna take it away"
Now wasn't that a foolish question? You'll hear 'em ev'ry day

And then most every morning, there is someone `round the place
Who sees you take the shaving brush and lather up your face
And as you give the razor a preliminary wave
This fool will walk up and ask you, "Are you gonna take a shave?"

Foolish questions, your answer is I hope
"No, I ain't prepared for shavin', I just like the taste of soap
I kinda like to take the shaving brush and paint myself this way"
Now wasn't that a foolish question? You'll hear 'em ev'ry day