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Let him go, let him tarry

Téléchargez la partition de Let him go, let him tarry, chanson traditionnelle irlandaise avec accords de guitare.
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Let him go, let him tarry, let him sink or let him swim;
He don't care for me, and I'm sure I don't for him
He can go and find another, and I hope she'll bring him joy
For I'm goin' to marry a far nicer boy.

1. Farewell to cold winter, now that summer's come at last;
Nothing have I gained, but my true love I have lost.
I'll sing and I'll be happy like a bird upon the tree
For since he deceived me, I care no more for he.

2. He wrote me a letter saying he was very bad,
I sent him back an answer saying I was very glad.
He wrote me another saying he was well and strong,
But I care no more for him than the ground he walks upon.

3. Some of his friends had a good kind wish for me,
Others of his friends, they could hang me from a tree;
But soon I'll let them see my love, and soon I'll let them know
That I can get a new sweetheart on any ground I go.

4. He can go to his old mother,now, and set her mind at ease,
For she's a mean old woman, and very hard to please,
It's slighting me and talking ill is all she's ever done
Since I was courtin' her great big ugly son