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1. Now Cape Clear it is in sight,
We'll be off Holyhead by tomorrow night,
And we'll shape our course for the Rock Light,
Oh, Jenny get your oatcake done.

Whip jamboree, whip jambo ree,
Oh, you longtailed black man,
Poke it up behind me, whip jamboree,
Whip jambo ree, oh, Jenny get your oatcake done.

2. Now, my boys, we're off Holyhead,
No more salt beef, no more salt bread.
One man in the chains for to heave the lead,
Oh, Jenny, get your oat cake done.

3. Now, my lads, we're round the Rock,
All hammocks lashed and chests all locked.
We'll haul her into the Waterloo Dock,
Oh, Jenny, get your oat cake done.

4. Now, my lads, we're all in dock,
We'll be off to Dan Lowrie's on the spot;
And now we'll have a good roundabout,
Oh, Jenny, get your oat cake done.