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South wind

Téléchargez la partition de South wind, chanson traditionnelle irlandaise. Le vent du sud avec accords de guitare.
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1. South wind of the gentle rain, you banish winter weather
Bring salmon to the pool again, the bees among the heather
If northward now you mean to blow, as you rustle soft above me
God speed be with you as you go and a kiss for those that love me

2. From south I come with velvet breeze, my word all nature blesses,
I melt the snow and strew the leaves with flowers and warm caresses;
I'll help you to dispel your woes, with joy I'll take your greeting
And bear it to your loved Mayo upon my wings so fleeting.

3. Ny Connaught, famed for wine and play, so leal, so gay, so loving
Here's my fond kiss I send today borne on the wind in its roving.
Those Munster folk are good and kind, right royally they treat me
But this land I'd gladly leave behind, with your Connaught pipes to greet me.



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