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While in the merry month of May, now from me home I started
Left, the girls of Tuam were nearly broken-hearted
Saluted father dear, kissed me darling mother
Drank a pint of beer, me grief and tears to smother
Then off to reap the corn and leave where I was born
Cut a stout, black thorn to banish ghosts and goblins
A brand-new pair of brogues to rattle over the bogs
And frighten all the dogs on the rocky road to Dublin

A-one, two, three, four, five
Hunt the hare and turn her down the rocky road
And all the ways to Dublin, whack, follol de-dah

In Mullingar that night I rested limbs so weary
Started by daylight next morning blithe and early
Took a drop of pure to keep me heart from shrinking
Thats the Paddy's cure when'er he's on for drinking
To hear the lassies smile, laughing all the while
At me curious style, 'twould set your heart a-bubblin'
They asked me was I hired and wages I required to lay
Was almost tired of the rocky road to Dublin


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Posté le 03 septembre 2018 à 17h16

Je n'ai encore rien pu télécharger, donc....
Posté le 01 septembre 2018 à 22h58

C'est pour apprendre la chanson en m'accompagnant.