La partition « A nursery garland »

Kitty Cheatham


Sumer is i-cumen in
The Elfin invitation (Mozart)
Le pont d'Avignon
Il était une bergère
Menuet d'Exaudet
Spring dance (Ossip Gabrilowitch)
The Baby star (Johann Strauss)
Grandmother's minuet (Edvard Grieg)
Dansons la Capucine
Elfin Dance (Edvard Grieg)
Our America (Augusta E. Stetson C.S.D)
A Hymn of Praise (Ludwig van Beethoven)
The Cornstalks March (Percy Aldridge Grainger)
The rain is falling
The fairy travellers (Johannes Brahms)
Friend Hush (Hans Hermann)
Oh, Little child (Albert Spalding)
Bluebird (W.B. Olds)
The Lily of the valley (Mendelssohn)
Violets (Peter Cornelius)
Come, Lasses and lads (Old English dance)
In the meadow
Clapping game
Catch us if you can (Hungarian folk)
Set the ball a-rolling
En roulant ma boule
Nuts in May
Here we come, Looby Loo
Johnny jump-up
Here come three dukes a-riding
Green gravel
When I was a young girl

A nursery garland

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