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1 . In eighteen hundred and forty one, I put my corduroy breeches on,
I put my corduroy breeches on to work upon the railway.

Fil-li-me-oo-ree-oo-ree-ay, fil-li-me-oo-ree-oo-ree-ay,
Fil-li-me-oo-ree-oo-ree-ay, to work upon the railway.

2. In eighteen hundred and forty-two I left the old world for the new,
bad cess to the luck that brought me through to work upon the railway.

3. In eighteen hundred and forty-three, 'twas then I met sweet Biddy McGee,
an elegant wife she's been to me, while working on the railway.

4. In eighteen hundred and forty-four, me back was gettin' mighty sore,
me back was gettin' might sore, while workin' on the railway.

5. In eighteen hundred and forty-five, I found myself more dead than alive,
I found myself more dead than alive, while workin' on the railway.

6. It's "Pat do this!" and "Pat do that!", without a stocking or cravat,
nothing but an old straw hat, while Pat worked on the railway.

7. In eighteen hundred and forty-seven, sweet Biddy McGee she went to heaven,
if she left one kid, she left eleven, to work upon the railway.

8. In eighteen hundred and forty-eight I learned to drink me whiskey straight,
it's an elegant drink that can't be beat for workin' on the railway.

9. When Pat then laid him down to sleep, the wiry bugs 'round him did creep,
hardly could your poor Pat sleep,



Utilisateur N°1Valoukibasse le 2019-12-01 à 12h43

Bonjour! Cette partition ne charge pas le pdf...

Utilisateur N°2Oncle Pat le 2017-01-08 à 15h40

La version des Poggues est très 'personnalisée' ; je lui préfère la version de Pete Seeger dans 'American Favourite Ballads'

Utilisateur N°3Oncle Pat le 2017-01-08 à 15h35

Reprise par Hugues Auffray dans son célèbre "Debout les Gars !"