La partition « The land of the stranger »

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The land of the stranger

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The land of the stranger Partition gratuite


1. There's a voice of home
That aye will come,
Tho mid fairest lands thou'rt ranger,
And its mournful lay,
To thee will say,
Thou art in the land of the stranger.

2. Thine early love
Shall she live to prove,
That for others thou would'st change her,
Shall she say that he
Lost constancy,
Far away in the land of the stranger?

3. Thy mother's eye,
That from infancy
Hath guarded thee in danger
Canst thou forget
It waits thee yet
But not in the land of the stranger

4. O'er the mountain track
We call our long-lost ranger.
Thou'rt come at last!
Our fears are past!
Thou'rt come from the land of the stranger!