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The devil and the farmer's wife Partition gratuite


1. There was an old man, lived over the hill,
If he ain't moved away he's a-living there still,
Singing, fah-de-ing, ding, dah-de-ding, di-di-im da-de-ing ding,
di-di-um da-de ing ding, di-di-um day.

2. Well, the devil came up to him one day,
Said : One of your family I'm gonna take away.

3. Oh plesae don't take my eldest son,
Ther's work on the farm that's gotta be done.

4. It's all I want, that wife of yours,
Well you can take her with all of my heart.

5. Well, he picks the wife up upon his back
And off to hell he goes clickitty-clack.

6. He cames her on about a mile down the road
He said : old woman you're a devil of a load.

7. He cames her down to the gates of hell,
He says : Poke up the fire we'll scorch her well.

8. There were two little devis with ball and with chain,
She ups with her foot and she kicks out their brains.

9. And nine little devils went climbing up the wall,
Saying take her back daddy, she'll murder us all.


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